Design and Engineering

At the end of 2005, a new tool shop was completed. It is equipped with the most modern machining machines, mostly 3D technology. The tool shop currently ensures the production of tools for more than 30,000 tons of forgings. In addition to short production times, our tool park guarantees perfect contours and absolute reproducibility.

The center is an integral part of Moravské kovárny, a.s. Jihlava, holder of IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 certification. We are primarily a manufacturer of special tools for our own forge, which focuses on forgings for the automotive industry, construction and other forgings weighing up to approximately 10 kg. Increased safety requirements are imposed on most forgings.

The tool shop ensures the construction of tools for hot and cold forming, according to the drawings of the customer's workpieces or 3D data, and the subsequent production of a complete forging tool (forging and calibration dies, shears, shears, ...). Furthermore, the tools are checked by the measuring center, which is equipped with modern ZEISS and MAHR measuring machines, e.g. ScanMax 3D measuring machine, MarSurf XC20 profile meter or DigiMar CX1 height meter. After release, the tools are handed over to the forge center for forging the first samples. These samples are again measured by a measuring center with the possibility of using special software for measuring general shaped surfaces HOLOS-NT (with the possibility of entering the customer's CAD data) and the results are handed over to the customer together with the forgings.

Our valuable foreign currency is the ability to quickly deliver tools (and therefore forgings) according to customer requirements. For prototypes, we are able to deliver 3D printing of proposed parts within 96 hours of ordering.

We use long-term experience in the production of tools. By constantly modernizing both machine and software equipment, we are at the top of the world tool shops.

In addition to the production of special forming tools and preparations, we are able to provide customers with processing of forgings, as well as commercial machine production. We offer experience in machining refined tool steels - chip steels up to 68 HRC.

A selection from our machinery:


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