Forming technology

Our joint-stock company, Moravské kovárny, a.s. Jihlava, is a manufacturing plant specializing in production of die forgings made of forged steel.

Our forging shop is equipped with the following new technology:

  • Spindle presses - 1.000 - 4.200 tons
  • Crank presses (MAXI) - 1.000 - 2.500 tons

For material heating, we use induction heat, exclusively.

Our facilities enable us to process ferritic pearlitic steel hardened at forging temperature (e.g., 30MnVS6+P), then refined at forging temperature with subsequent tempering (e.g., 41Cr4 VS), and controlled cooling at forging temperature (e.g., C45 BY).

To ensure maximum stability of the production process and the quality of the production introduce our corporation the advanced elements of automation (ABB robots, manipulators) integrated into forging lines.

Selection of our presses:

Conventional heat processing is done in electrical continuous furnaces:

  • heat treatment
  • tempering
  • annealing
    1. normalizing
    2. B.G. annealing
    3. softening
    4. stress relief annealing

Removal of scales from our forgings is done in sandblasting facilities.

In addition, we are able to do calibration, leveling, and perforating, using both cold and hot processing.

We are able to offer the machining of the parts.

Quality Has Utmost Priority in Our Factory:

  • Measuring with the aid of 3D SCAN-MAX + ZEISS ACCURA
  • 100% forging crack control
  • Hardness control
  • Steel quality control using spectral analysis
  • Verification of mechanical properties of components in our own metallographic and mechanical laboratory
  • Our manufacturing processes are statistically controlled using SPC

Example of the used manipulation technology


Moravské kovárny, a.s.

Hruškové Dvory 44, CZ - 586 01 Jihlava